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Smart Parachute

Development & Manufacture of automatic control paraglider system for drones


Unmanned Navigation Robot Training and Platform Development

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Unmanned Marine Vehicle / Unmanned Ground Vehicle


Unmanned Navigation Robot Control

Flight Controller



Unmanned automatic navigation robot software and hardware development / IOT, automation system control software and hardware development


Smart Parachute
paraglider which can return to its initial starting point for drone crash damages prevention

We provide

smart parachute to save you from any damages by crashing Drone.

We know

the best way to save you from Drone.

Our mission is

to save you from any kinds of damages from crashing Drone by easy-to-use smart parachute solution.


Autonomous Flight Control


Automated Deployment Parachute


Autonomous Return to Initial Starting Point


Crash Alerting Buzzer and LED




Low Power Consumption


  • 2019. 12

    Awarded as “LX President's Award for Spatial Information Utilization Idea Contest” by LX Korea National Land Information Corporation

  • 2019. 07

    Selected as “Resident Company of Daeduk Special Zone R&D Support Center” under Special R & D Promotion Foundation

  • 2019. 04

    Selected as “2019 IP Narae Support Project ” under Daejeon Technopark
    Selected as “Startup Overseas Voucher” Korea International Trade Association (KITA)

  • 2019. 03

    Selected as “Additional Course for Youth Entrepreneurship Academy” under KOSME

  • 2019. 01

    Recognized as “Establishment of Company Affiliated Research Institute” under President, Korea Industrial Technology Association

  • 2018

  • 10. 2018

    Selected as “Top 10 Technology Leading Company in 4th Industrial Revolution” in Daejeon Science Festival 2018

  • 08. 2018

    Selected as “Young Entrepreneurship Academy” by Small and Medium Business Corporation

  • 07. 2018

    Selected as '2018 Startup Patent Voucher Business Voucher' by Korean Intellectual Property Office
    Selected as recommended company by the Daejeon Economic and Business Agency
    Technology guarantee fund and venture certification company by KIBO Technology Guarantee Fund

  • 06. 2018

    Selected as “Smart Creation Site Trainee Market Verification Support 2018”
    Registered as "Ultra-Light Flight System" by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

  • 05. 2018

    Increased capital of Awesome Tech Inc.

  • 02. 2018

    Establishment of Awesome Tech Inc.

  • 01. 2018

    Establishment of United States Awesome Tech Inc.

  • 2017

  • 12. 2017

    Selected as KIC Washington “Jump Accelerator Track 4”

  • 11. 2017

    Selected as KIC Washington “Jump Accelerator Track 3”

  • 10. 2017

    Approved as “Technology Startup” by Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)



SangYun Hwang

CEO / Engineering Director

Drone Automatic Navigation Operation Technology and Control Specialist
Software Development Specialist


GwangSeok Song


Researcher at ETRI
R&D Planning/ Overall Administration


NamGyu Kim

Marketing Director

Domestic and Overseas Marketing


WonMi Choi

Software Engineer

Drone Automatic Navigation Management
Open Source Application Technique


Era Pradhan

Overseas Marketer

Seoul National University (Master’s)
Marketing Specialization


HyunJi Kim



HaKyoung Jeong



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